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  • Adventure World

    • About 10 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

      Adventure World

      Under the theme of "contact between humans, animals and nature"
      A rare theme park in Japan that integrates a zoo, an aquarium, and an amusement park.
      This is the only park in Japan where you can see animals that represent the natural world.

  • Nanki Shirahama

    • About 5 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei


      A shallow beach with a total length of 600m.
      Quartz sand containing 90% silicic acid is literally pure white and smooth sand.
      In the summer, colorful umbrellas bloom and palm trees line up along the arcing beach.
      The tropical mood is even more exciting.
    • About 5 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

      Shirahama Energy Land

      Have fun learning while experiencing
      It is a facility with the theme of "people and natural energy".

      ■Opening hours:From 9:00 to 17:30(Admission until 16:00)
      ■Good night:Every Tuesday(Open if Monday or Tuesday is a public holiday)
           Open daily during spring, Golden Week, summer and winter holidays
      ■Fare:Adults (high school students and above) 1800 yen/Elementary and junior high school students 1200 yen/Toddler (3 years old and over) 500 yen
    • About 10 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

      Engetsuto Island

      The symbol of Shirahama.A small island 10m east-west and 65m north-south
      The name comes from the round sea cave in the middle of the island.
    • About 5 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

      Heisogen Park

      Shirahama Onsen Town park on a hill overlooking the Shirahama Onsen Town.
      You can enjoy various flowers depending on the season.
      There are only 2000 cherry blossoms in the area, and it is crowded with many cherry blossom viewing visitors during the cherry blossom season.
      In addition, a field athletic course with a total length of 2 km is built along the outer circumference.
    • About 5 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei


      As the name suggests, Senjojiki is a large bedrock reminiscent of a wide rock pavement.
      Setozaki Cape the tip of Setozaki Cape toward the Pacific Ocean
      The white, soft, sloped rock is a large bedrock of Tertiary sandstone.
      It is eroded by the stormy waves and creates a magnificent landscape.
    • About 5 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

      Sandanbeki Cliff

      Senjojiki 50m high cliff that rises on the south coast of Senjojiki.
      A long time ago, in the "Midan (lookout platform)" where fishermen watched the passing boats and Midan (lookout platform) fish
      This large rock wall, which is said to be the origin, is spread over 2km north and south.
      In the dynamic scene where the Kuroshio current hits the rock surface violently,
      I cannot help feeling the power of nature.
    • About 15 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

      Minakata Kumagusu Museum

      Kumagusu Minakata, a giant star of natural history and folklore born in Wakayama Prefecture.
      Kumagusu's surprised the world with "Minakata" in Japan
      A memorial hall that preserves and displays documents, specimens, and relics.

      ■Viewing time:From 9:00 to 17:00
      ■closing day:Every thursday(Open daily from 20th July to 31st August)
      ■Free Parking:Yes
      ■Admission fee:Adult 400 yen/Elementary and junior high school students 200 yen(20 or more group discount available)
  • Meals and shopping

    Shirahama rich blessings of the sea off Shirahama decorate the dining table
    Enjoy a variety of seafood and mountain delicacies each season.
    • About 20 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

      ToreTore Market

      It is the largest seafood market in western Japan, located Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture, Shirahama Town, Wakayama Prefecture.
      Equipped with a parking lot boasting a total site area of 15,000 tsubo, 70 buses and 777 ordinary cars,
      We sell a variety of fish and shellfish and colorful specialties of Wakayama every season throughout Japan.
      There is a huge aquarium-sized aquarium, and raw tuna is sold on the spot at the tuna corner.

      ■Opening Hours:From 8:30 to 18:30
      ■closing day:Please check the homepage for information.
    • Tel:0739-33-7843(Direct)

      by the ocean

      A buffet restaurant with a wide variety of Japanese and Western side dishes, depending on the scene, morning, noon, and evening.
      Starting with freshly baked pizza using handmade dough, which is carried from a dedicated pizza kiln
      Enjoy the freshly prepared food served from the live corner.

      ■Opening Hours:
       "Morning section" from 7:00 to 10:00(LO 9:30)
       "Daytime section" from 11:30 to 14:30(LO 14:00)
       "Night section" from 17:30 to 21:30(LO 21:00)
      ■Number of seats:243 seats
    • Tel:0739-33-9090(Direct)

      Ikesu warouda

      Kumano name of the store is derived from Warodaishi Rock Kumano.
      With counter seats overlooking a large cage and spacious small raised seats in the center of the store
      You can enjoy a cage dish where you can enjoy the fresh fish and shellfish landed that day.
      Freshly cooked gold bud rice using "Kamado".

      ■Opening Hours:
       "Daytime section" from 11:30 to 14:30(LO 14:00)
       "Night section" from 17:30 to 21:30(LO 21:00)
      ■Number of seats:105 seats in total(48 seats at the counter/42 seats on Kogami/15 private room chairs)
    • Tel:0739-33-9090(Direct)

      Sushi Yata

      Shirahama the counter overlooking the sea of Shirahama
      A luxurious space where you can enjoy freshly sushi made by craftsmen.
      From omakase sushi to single dishes using fresh fish
      Please enjoy the fresh seafood to your heart's content.
      It is another store in "Ikesu warouda".

      ■Opening Hours:
       "Daytime section" from 11:30 to 14:30(LO 14:00)
       "Night section" from 17:30 to 21:30(LO 21:00)
      ■Number of seats:16 seats at the counter
    • Tel:0739-33-7843(Cum by the ocean)

      KON BAR

      A bar where you can spend your adult time in a quiet and profound space.
      Whiskey, sake, special cocktails using seasonal fruits, etc.
      Please enjoy your favorite cup.

      ■Opening Hours:From 20:00 to 24:00(LO 23:30)
      ■Number of seats:36 seats in total
    • Tel:0739-33-7845


      A bakery whose name is "Tachi", which means "very" in the Kinan dialect.
      Freshly baked bread every morning has been well received by the locals as "very delicious."
      Take out or eat in with coffee or latte brewed with freshly ground beans.

      ■Opening Hours:From 7:00 to 18:30
    • Tel:0739-33-7846

      kukulu SHOP

      A large selection of special products from Wakayama prefecture, including "Premier Wakayama".
      From full-scale to easy.It is a shop where you can feel the uniqueness of Wakayama.
      Don't miss the direct sales of locally produced oranges, which are held only in the morning, mainly on weekends.

      ■Opening Hours:From 7:00 to 22:00

    • About 5 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei


      1821 Shirahama Town, Nishimuro County, Wakayama Prefecture

    • Day trip:From 13:00 to 20:00

      Large Communal Bath

      Hot water,Nuruyu,Water bath,Open-air bath.
      For mugwort, irises, yuzu, etc. "Seasonal bath"
      You can enjoy various hot springs such as children's baths and sitting baths.
      The children's bath is about 20 cm deep.You can use it with confidence even with children.
    • Day trip:From 13:00 to 20:00

      Infinity Footbath

      How about a relaxing footbath on the terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean?
      For a meeting, a short break, in the sea breeze, in the sunlight.
      The 30-meter-long large footbath is a spectacular location.
    • Day trip:From 13:00 to 20:00

      Shampoo bar

      A shampoo bar where you can freely choose from 5 types of shampoo and treatments.
    • Day trip:From 13:00 to 20:00

      Utatane room

      After taking a bath, why not try a rumbling time in the "Utatane Room" where the scent of tatami mats is comfortable.There is also a massage chair that you can use freely and a high-performance oxygen room (for a fee).
      It is also ideal as a meeting place while reading the manga lined up on the bookshelf.
    • Day trip:From 15:30 to 20:00

      body care

      You can receive body care treatments in the exclusive massage room provided in the "Utatane Room".
      Aroma oil, foot care and body care menus are available.
      Please use it for a relaxing time after taking a bath.
    • Day trip:From 13:00 to 20:00

      Business room

      A combination of "vacation" and "work" promoted by Wakayama Prefecture
      A style called "Workation".
      The business lounge is fully equipped with a personal computer, printer and WiFi.
      We will support you to improve your work efficiency in a relaxed environment.
    • Tel:0739-34-3196

      Giant Store Nanki Shirahama

      The 39th giant store nationwide,
      "Giant Store Nanki Shirahama", the first store to open in Wakayama Prefecture,
      It opened on the 1st floor.

      *Please see the link page below for details on booking a rental cycle.

      ■Opening Hours:From 9:00 to 19:00
      ■Regular holiday:Tuesday
    • About 3 minutes by car from Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

      Shirahama Kaichu Observatory Deck

      100m offshore,Height 18m,An all-weather observatory with a depth of 6m.
      You can see about 30 kinds of fish such as tropical fish, black sea bream, gray sea bream, and scorpion fish.
      Special discount coupons are available in your room.

      ■Opening Hours:From 9:00 to 16:30(Last admission 16:00)
      ■Time required:Half an hour
      ■Fare:800 yen for adults/500 yen/child