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Enjoy a variety of dishes that can only be enjoyed at Nanki Shirahama, a treasure trove of seafood and mountain products.

Tight fish raised in the natural flow of the Kuroshio Current,
Introducing dishes that weave ingredients and chef's skills, such as seasonal wild plants that can be harvested in the lush green mountains.

Information on cooking

Kishu Kaiseki cuisine, Que cuisine, Japanese Spiny Lobster cuisine, etc.
Please enjoy the luxurious cuisine using seasonal ingredients of Wakayama.
  • Que dishes(One case)

    Que, also known as the "phantom high-class fish," is a fish that can be fully enjoyed with its fat and thick texture, so that foodies and gourmets praise it as tastier than blowfish.
    No matter what kind of cooking method you use, such as sushi, sushi, and hot pot, you can fully enjoy the delicious taste of the deep sushi.

    *Some contents may change depending on the purchase situation on the day.
  • Kaiseki cuisine with spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster Sugata-tsukuri (arranged in its original shape)(One case)

    Spiny Japanese Spiny Lobster is fresh and lively, is big and has a lot of elasticity.
    If you eat a bite of chewy shrimp, the condensed taste of shrimp will spread throughout your mouth.
    Please enjoy the Japanese Spiny Lobster that looks bright and has a satisfying taste.

    We will prepare a total of 12 kaiseki meals, including the main Japanese Spiny Lobster Sugata-tsukuri (arranged in its original shape) sashimi.
    In addition to the main course, dishes using seasonal ingredients such as grilled dishes, meat dishes, small pots, and kamameshi.
    *During the period when Japanese Spiny Lobster Southern Rock Lobster is Southern Rock Lobster, we use Southern Rock Lobster.
  • Seasonal Kaiseki Meal(One case)

    For kaiseki cuisine, which is carefully selected by the chief chef and focuses on seasonal ingredients from the Kinan Area, we will prepare authentic kaiseki cuisine that incorporates Japanese ingredients.
    Please enjoy the exquisite dishes that incorporate seasonal ingredients in a relaxed time.
  • Kaiseki cuisine one day(One case)

  • Cooking for children(One case)

    Kids meals are available at Kaiyutei.
    Serve popular fries, sashimi and other items in a bowl,
    The size is easy to eat and the volume is great, so children are very satisfied.
  • Breakfast(One case)

    Kodoan local cuisine "Chagayu (tea porridge)" at restaurant "Kodoan"
    We are preparing a Japanese set meal that makes you feel relieved from the morning.

    【Time】From 7:30 to 10:00(LO 9:00)