【Official】Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei

All guest rooms have an open-air bath with a wonderful view and a hot spring

Welcome to the ocean view hotel "Kaiyutei", which is suitable for enjoying the resort feeling of Nanki Shirahama.
The guest room open-air bath runs 24 hours a day.
This inn is located on a hill and has an open-air bath in all rooms that keeps you relaxing.

About GoTo Travel Campaign

  • Reservation from the Official website is the best deal

    At this facility, coupons will be issued at STAYNAVI.
    You can get a 35% discount on the room rate by presenting it at the front desk on the day of your stay.
    (Additional options and usage charges on the day are not eligible for discount.)

    【Precautions when using】
    ・Official reservations for which coupons have not been obtained on the Official website, telephone reservations, etc.
     Discounts are not available even during the GoTo Travel Business.
    ・STAYNAVI to issue a proxy coupon by this facility,
     Please agree to provide your information to STAYNAVI.
    ・The "GoTo Travel Campaign" only accepts local payments.
     Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

Our approach to Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • We are implementing the following measures so that our customers can use the hotel with peace of mind.

    1. Implementation of temperature measurement
    We will measure with a non-contact thermometer at the time of admission.
    Customers who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher or who are not in good physical condition may be asked to refrain from entering the museum.
    2. Employees wearing masks to serve customers
    3. Installation of alcohol disinfectant solution in various places in this facility
    4. Disinfection of fingers when going to and from work,Health monitoring
    5. Thorough cleaning and sterilization inside this facility
    6. Refrain from unnecessary long-distance business trips and overseas travel by employees
    7. Instructions to refrain from going to work if you have symptoms such as fever or cough
    8. Instructions to refrain from employee behavior
    Sports gyms, karaoke boxes, live houses, etc. where outbreaks of infected populations have been reported, etc.
    Take actions that avoid the three crowds (dense, closed room, close) that have a high risk of infection.
  • Request to customers

    1. Admission / Enter the banquet hall
    We ask for your cooperation in wearing masks and disinfecting alcohol.
    2. Customers who have a fever or who are not in good physical condition
    Please refrain from visiting us.
    3. If you feel unwell during your visit,
    Please contact the staff near you.
    We will continue to pay close attention to government policies and trends in infection status and implement preventive measures.

    We may inconvenience our customers, but
    Thank you for your understanding.

Information inside this facility

  • Front desk

    Information and requests within the facility are available at the front desk.
    Please do not hesitate to ask.

    Check In:From 15:00 to 18:00
    Check Out:11:00

    If there is a check-out time setting for each accommodation plan,
    That will be given priority.
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Hotel Name

Hotel tenzankaku Kaiyutei


2020 Shirahama Town, Nishimuro County, Wakayama Prefecture

Telephone number



【When using a fixed-route bus】Get off at Shinyuzaki.There is a pick-up service from Hotel Seamore across the road.
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Annex Yurakuan

  • All guest rooms are Japanese-style + Western-style room with open-air bath

    The open-air bath is a free-flowing source.
    It became an inn exclusively for no meals and restarted.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.